50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124)

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50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124)

50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124) 50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124)

50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124)

Chevron Family Theatre Festival slated July 16. The Chevron Family Theatre Festival’s 10th anniversary is July 16, at the Lesher Center for the Arts, 1601 Civic Drive, in Walnut Creek. Family entertainment is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both outside and in the lobbies of the Lesher center. Tickets for shows are $5 each, and there are also many free activities. From Artrageous, a team of artists painting at electric speed, and Fantasy Forums Actors Ensemble presenting “Wizard of Oz,” to Alex Ramon Magic shows, and a “Star Wars” themed hands-on STEM booth, there is something for every age. And boys and girls can join in the Prince and Princess Parade as it winds around the outside of the Lesher Center.

Not without controversy, the City Council voted 3-2 to accept the committee’s recommendation and the Pacific Coast Fog Fest was born, The last full weekend of September was chosen because historically the weather is unbeatable, The City of Pacifica originally produced the Pacific Coast Fog Fest with assistance from Terry Pimsleur & Associates, Members of the original Fog Fest Steering Committee included council members Loeb and Jaquith, Dan Ehrler from the Chamber of Commerce, Dr, Dimo Pappas, Bill Michaelis representing the PB&R Commission, and Drake, Dottie Chenier chaired the Friday night Fandango Committee with lots of help from Beta Sigma Phi, 50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124) Sanchez Adobe Docents and a host of community members, Council member Chuck Curry, along with May Gee, Toby Fall, and others produced the first ever Discover Pacifica Parade that kicked off the Fog Fest on Saturday morning..

Jazz and Beyond: Legally Blue plays blues and jazz. Aug. 18, 5:30-8:30 p.m. 100 block of South Murphy Avenue. sunnyvaledowntown.com. Fine Arts League of Cupertino: The group meets the second Monday of the month, 7-9 p.m., and welcomes visitors. Quinlan Community Center, 10185 N. Stelling Road, Cupertino. Visit falc.org or call Janki at 408-863-9991. Science Experiment on the International Space Station: NASA Ames Research Center scientist Christina Cheung discusses the goals of Fruit Fly Lab-03. The experiment’s goal was to study the effect of micro-gravity on human immunity and virulence using fruit fly DNA as a stand-in for human DNA. Aug. 18, 2 p.m. Cupertino Library Story Room, 10800 Torre Ave, Cupertino.

“Dad” 50 ballet shoes charms antique silver tone pointe dance (5-1124) is the San Francisco Giants’ beloved broadcaster Mike Krukow, now in his 23rd season, Toting seven Emmy Awards, the pedigree of a 14-season MLB pitching career with the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies and the Giants — and often enough, a ukulele or guitar — “Kruk” is discovering a whole new game, “There are so many parallels between ballet and baseball,” Mike Krukow said, “Controlling your weight distribution, maintaining and repeating rhythm, In today’s MLB, you have to have utility players who can play five or six positions, The footwork is a different dance at each position.”..

The program will feature guest speaker, Mark Silverman, the attorney for Cesar E. Chavez in the late 1960s during a nonviolence journey for civil rights for farm workers. Also included in the event will be displays and exhibits including one highlighting the role of the Filipino leaders who helped Chavez in this historical movement, as well as traditional music and dance performances by Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Esther Torres and Mariachi SanMiguel. Scholarships, titled Guillermo “Bill” Muniz Educational Awards, will be presented to area high school students. Muniz has been a promoter of education as a mean of advancing for a better future.

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